Sunday, December 22, 2013

First and Last Post of 2013

          This year has been a crazy one and my writing hiatus is over! I often wonder how I will feel about 2013 when I reflect back years from now.  It is only days before Christmas no lights are hung, no tree is decorated and not one present wrapped. Why you may ask... because both my hubby and I have been working 11+ hour days. This year has been non stop. It feels like it took forever to get to December yet everything was going 90mph at the same time.
           Like a buffet, I have been sampling life. Different ideas, activities and experiences. At times it is overwhelming but last night I was with a group of amazing woman and a few guys. This group of people are accepting, caring and understanding. They helped me to realize that I am in a place of transformation. I am grieving the loss of my childhood and embracing the gain of my adulthood. Comparing the expectations that the 10 year old me had for myself is nothing like what my life has become. I think many of us go through this phase. You feel like you must have failed since your are "grown up" and not a fireman or a surgeon like you may have pictured. When your 4th grade teacher asked you to write what you would be and told you that you could be anything when you grow up. She gave me an A for my well thought out plan of success and thusly I thought it to be something I needed to achieve. She was right but not in the way I thought she meant it. I could be anything, there is no way of knowing, guessing, or wishing, because anything can happen; anything did happen. You don't choose where life takes you, you can only choose how you react to it.
        Coming to the realization that I am not going to be any of those things was hard at first and then I realized its not a big loss. The life I laid out on two sheets of college rule paper would have been lonely and lacking all of the people that I love and cherish today. Would it have been the right life for me? No. Life as I am living it now is an adventure in all of the best and worst ways. Some days I want to scream, somedays I do scream. Most days though I smile, laugh and feel blessed because I am. I can't say that I will miss 2013 but I can say that I am excited about 2014. I know that in it I will finish this journey and become complete.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Book To Movie

I am a bookworm. I also fancy myself a writer. I get such mixed emotions when I see that a book or series that I love is being made into a movie or as I like to call them boovies. In each and every boovie I have seen I have wished they would have stayed true to the book. For myself I would be fearful that my life's work would be ruined by a casting crew who misses the boat or a director who wants to "make it their own". Should I be blessed enough to one day be a best selling novelist who is approached to make a boovie I would have to lay it out like this "The thing is Speilberg, it's not yours... it's mine and belongs to the fans and myself. We love it the way it is and just want to see it brought to life. So let's make it happen." hehe

In some instances it is good for example Harry Potter, I take my hat off to you. They got so many characters right and only a few wrong, and a few were right but the hair, makeup and costume team let em down(cough, cough Lupin.) As far as staying to the books lets be real they left out a lot. I'm not going to list all the ways but I will say this "Where is Peeves!?" I was twice as upset once I found out that they had him in originally and being played by none other then DROP DEAD FRED but cut him out! Why? I understand it is difficult with such a long book but honestly myself and I am sure many other Potter fans would not have minded each movie to be 5 hours long.

Then you have books like Twilight. When I see the movies I think to myself..."Did I read a different series? The casting team clearly did not read the same descriptions that I read. Uh Bella, Eric, Tyler, Edward...Sharkboy.....etc." I being a west coast girl and living in the NW was excited to read a series that was set in one of the most beautiful corners of the world, then I saw the movie and was disappointed in how inaccurate it was, It is not dark, dreary and blue toned. No one wears parkas here and we certainly don't use umbrellas unless it is a sunny day at the park. This series was guilty of my biggest pet peeve, adding things that didn't happen in the book while leaving out stuff that did! Which leads me directly into...

The Hunger Games. They as well added stuff that was not actually written into the book but in this case I think it enhanced the fans experience. Being able to see the games from the viewpoint of the game makers was a great idea. I'm not amazed by the casting choices however, Prim didn't fit for me I didn't buy her emotions at all. Peeta was an all around bad choice he was too well known and therefore can never truly be Peeta. Lastly Cato, are you serious with me on this one...the kid from race to witch mountain (the remake) look its not that I have a problem with previously known actor bing in boovie roles....ok Yes I do have a problem with that but only in certain key roles and more so when they don't fit script. He is not scary, intimidated or even Career looking to me. I don't look at him and think "Look out for that guy, He has clearly been training for this his whole life!" My biggest gripe with the hunger  games is that they again left out a key player....Madge, you know the one with the mockingjay pin...that actually started the rebellion....Why on earth did they take away all of her glory...that is not cool. I do not approve.

In short I love books and I love Movies but when you combine the two it can get questionable.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What To Think About Before Voting

The election is fast approaching as each day goes by I find myself shocked by all of the lies and misleading comments. No, not just from politicians but facebook posts.  Thanks to facebook they have the ability to spread those falsities 100 times faster then before. To read the posts from people who have firmly planted their feet on one side or the other thus dividing themselves makes me sad. To see that years of politician’s ploys to pit us against each other has worked so well that we are just doing it, without a nudge. Now when they give their speeches and lies it isn’t meant to divide us because that is done but rather to enrage us. Americans go from divided but respectful to down right ugly, they become enemies. Which is why I swear no allegiance to any “party” but rather to my country and my fellow Americans. When voting time comes I look at what they have done in the past that makes them qualified to handle the issues of today. I do not listen to speeches of what they “will do” to choose (or listen just to criticize and twist their words for “news” like some popular websites and media outlets) who I will vote for. I vote for the most qualified candidate which is what everyone is supposed to do. 

This blog isn’t about who is more qualified or who you/I should vote for. I would like to ask a favor of my readers. This year before you vote think about it...who does your vote effect? Who does it effect the most? The truth is your vote effects you and your immediate family of course but it also effects your neighbors, co-workers, extended family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers. Your vote effects the daily lives of every American, even me. There is one group of Americans that your vote effects possibly more then any other group. The “middle class” is an often overlooked group of people but to tell you the truth they are the ones carry the weight of the free world. What is the “middle class” you ask, anyone earning 40k to 120k. This is a large gap which leads most people to write off the middle class as rich people who make over 100k and “shouldn't be whining” but that is not the case.

 I want to tell you about a man in the middle class. The vote you cast will effect him greatly. In the last year he has averaged 93 hours per week. He has been home for a total of 40 days out of 365. He wants to take his wife to Switzerland. So he works long hard days in -20 degrees, in over 100 degrees, in rain, in sleet, in snow, in drought he works for her. To make sure she has what she needs back home, to save for their future and to make it to Switzerland. Every check he cashes is 1/3 less then he earned. That is how much is taken from him. Over the last year they have run across several situations. A friend was in need of help and they gave it. Their dog was in need of care and got it. A family member was in a very sticky predicament and they drained their wedding account to help him. A boy was in the mall with his mom at a shoe store eyeing a pair of shoes, his were old and the soles falling off. His mother said she couldn’t afford new shoes. He pleaded with her “Please mom I start school next week!” She said “I’m sorry but I can’t. The man grabbed the salesman and asked him to ring up the shoes for the boy.  When a friend is in need he has helped, when family was down he has helped, when his own is in need he provides and when a stranger can not afford shoes for her son he helps and does so without judgement. Simply because that is the right thing to do but at the end of the year he looks at his savings and there is nothing left for Switzerland though he has worked so hard for it. When he looks at the taxes paid column of his stub he sees enough for two trips. We know where his portion went but where did this third of his hard work go? To Medicare....for people to pay for drugs they do not need but take daily anyways? To a woman on welfare who purchased nipple piercing with her TANF. For food stamps to go to the physically able 19 year old with brand news “tats” who refuses a job because it entails working on the weekend? To feed and cloth murders and drug dealers in prison? Or did it buy another vacation for a family of politicians? 

Politicians may babble on about “fair share” but the middle class is paying way way more then their “fair share” while others the rich and the poor are not.  This country would crumble in weeks if not days were the middle class to throw their hands up, quit and head down to the welfare line. If you are on any kind of assistance that money is not coming from the government; it is coming from the owner of your favorite bakery, the dental assistant that cleans your teeth and the man I told you about in this blog. So please don’t only vote for yourself this year vote for all those people that are working hard everyday, sacrificing and being taken from to fund who knows what. Vote with the best interest of your country and it’s people in mind. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Travel Blog: Greater Yellowstone Raptor Experience

      I have found myself on the road again and back in Yellowstone country which by my way of thinking makes me a lucky girl! If you only ever take one road trip, Yellowstone should be the one! Especially with kids, which is what we did last summer. The whole lot of us became junior rangers in both Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, That's right, I display my badges with pride. This time around I am exploring the lands surrounding the great national parks. 
      While reading the latest Evanovich series and patiently waiting for Yogi to get off work a feeling came over me. It was telling me to look out my hotel window, So I did and what I found made me do a double take. A man was holding a hawk, I snatched up my camera, attached the animal lens and walked/jogged to the scene. I found a somewhat shady spot and began shooting the hawk while a woman was using an interactive technique to teach a group of children about the animals she had with her, how they came to be in her life and what their wild counterparts do to survive. I quickly became enthralled and couldn't believe my luck! A few weeks ago I decided to write a raptor into my book. This was just the sort of information I would have been googling like crazy for, instead I was able to learn it all in a fantastically unexpected way. 

      First was Isham he is a Red-tailed Hawk who lost his right eye some years ago and spent many years in New Mexico dazzling the minds of young children there. Now he is an Avian Ambassador for the Greater Yellowstone Raptor Experience at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming. 

Speed eating victor, Hayabusa      

Then came Hayabusa, The Peregrine Falcon aka the fasted animal in the world. While performing the stoop they can reach speeds of over 200 mph! This beautiful bird has captivating eyes and her win in the speed eating contest left me with goosebumps. A young volunteer had to peel and eat a small orange before Hayabusa could eat a whole mouse. She came from Tucson, AZ and has a permanently damaged wing. 

To my great delight the next bird of prey to emerge from the cages was a Great Horned Owl named Teasdale. My love for owls is immense, I was told by an Iroquoian woman that they are my animal of protection. It is her belief that each person has three animals that are bonded to their soul(Protection, Love and Guidance) and one that strikes fear into your soul. She didn't have to tell me which animal that was! Out comes Teasdale and he is not a happy camper. The day is too warm for his liking and the song birds are swarming about. Still I was able to get over 20 great shots of him. Teasdale's wing was injured in Utah during avalanche season so his aid was delayed and now his wing will never heal appropriately. The thing that struck me most about him was his transparency. You could tell by his body language and eyes what he was thinking and feeling. I even have one shot where he appears to be bored. 

Suli giving her LMFAO
"I'm Sexy and I know it" pose

Last up was the Turkey Vulture Suli(Sue-Lee) who was found on a farm in Kansas. She was thought to be abandoned and was raised in captivity. She was the funniest of the birds, showing off her impressive wingspan anytime a camera was raised in her directions. Suli doesn't know that she is a bird but rather thinks herself to be human. She has an obvious love and mutual trust with her handler. At one point she she gives her a look so as to say “ The crowd is loving us!” and we were!

Each of the Birds has their own Facebook page which you can find here as well as other info on how and where to see them for yourself.... 

They also have a blog:

Here are a few more Pics.... Enjoy!
I am Lord Vulturmort! Only kidding children!
The yellow is so striking!
Can you see me?

Wait! Why did Haya get a mouse?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What's New

I have not blogged this month because I have been super duper busy. It is the end of the school year which means a ton of field trips, bbqs, awards and concerts. I won two baskets at the sports fundraiser auction and I am thrilled by both! I might even blog about them. Took a trip to Sequim, also a joy! Headed over to Manestage with the family for a showing of You Can't Take It With You! I was the stand in Dj at the family dance and just returned from a short stint at great wolf lodge which should be renamed great expense lodge but what can ya do!

My 2 acres of land has been growing like crazy! My trusty riding mower(it is so old!) and I have been waging war against it, some battles we have won others we have lost....our latest casualty was PFC weed wacker, you were a noble soldier and will be missed. Rest peacefully with your fallen comrades LCP gardening shears(took on a branch and lost), General old rake(decapitated it wasn't pretty) and the volleyball(an innocent bystander). I am considering bringing in reinforcements in the way of goats.

Also I went to Hawaii where Yogi and I zip lined, parasailed, snorkeled, ate a lot of food, shopped for deals in the international market place and I feel like I'm forgetting something.....Oh Yea! We got Married! We enjoyed one week of marital bliss before Yogi headed back to the rolling fields of oil.

It is summer time now, perhaps not actually, nor could you tell by the weather but in terms of TV it is summer. All of my shows are done till fall so.... I should have more time to crank out some blogs, tweets, and write my books, Yes I'm writing two series at once now.. See I told you there is a lot going on! This is all assuming I am able to resist the intense and ever-growing pull to join pintrest, if I do I fear that I will never accomplish anything.

Tonight I am under the influence of a heavy dosing of allergy medication and eating chocolate while finishing my Johnny Depp birthday marathon....Watched: Dead Man, Rum Diary, Astronaut's Wife, Cry Baby and now Edward Scissorhands!

Until later Readers ;)